Ready to make an impression?

First Impressions, Lasting Impact!Advice-arrow

Career Fairs are the best opportunity you can find to make connections face to face with recruiters who make hiring decisions. In order to make the most of those connections your first impressions needs to make a memorable impact on the recruiter.


Making Conversations Count at a Career FairAdvice-arrow

Career Fairs provide the opportunity to connect face-to-face with recruiters who make hiring decisions and can help you network for other positions within a company. A bit of preparation for your recruiter conversations will help you maximize your time, feel confident, and make a good impression at the event.


Focus on Follow-upAdvice-arrow

You've attended the career fair, made connections, left behind your resume and made a great first impression- now what do you do? Now is the time to show the employer just how interested you are in that position. Following are some helpful tips and suggestions on what to do after the career fair is over.