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How to Tell Your Story When Job Searching

Prepare stories to illustrate all aspects of your fit for a position.

Humans communicate best through stories. Societies rely on myths, legends and folklore to convey the essential truths and core values of their culture. So it is with communication during a job search. Hiring managers and recruiters will relate best to the candidates who can tell anecdotes and stories that support and illustrate their suitability for a role. The job seeker must prepare diligently for this exchange to have a story at the ready to demonstrate each of his or her key strengths and address and overcome any material weaknesses.

The job seeker should start with a list of salient points that are likely to emerge during the interview. These will include at a minimum the candidate’s key value proposition (as contained in her elevator pitch), objection responses and essential career chronology. For each bullet point, the candidate should brainstorm a story or two to illustrate the point she wishes to make.

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