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What Is Your Job Fit Thesis?

Every job candidate needs to be able to explain exactly why they’re the right fit for the position.

During high school, college-bound students learn to write persuasive essays. The most important sentence in the paper is the thesis statement. A well-written thesis statement describes in clear terms what the rest of the paragraphs seeks to prove. “Jefferson’s status as a slave owner undermined his moral authority as a political philosopher” or “Opposition to the spread of communism was the most important organizing principle of post-war American foreign policy” are examples of clear thesis statements. A job seeker applying for a position will likewise include a thesis of comparable clarity and will employ a strategy of proving that thesis through every interaction with the hiring manager. “Sarah will make an excellent marketing manager at X Company because she is capable, motivated and great to work with” is the job fit thesis Sarah will aim to prove in every communication.

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